Multipool for those who choose the best!

We provide the most favorable conditions for mining among all known pools thanks to our own algorithms for searching for profit coins. High profitability, care for your equipment, your own coin, which always increases in price, competent operational support and other services. Connect and get a high income!

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High income

Maximum profit. Higher than on all known pools.

Daily payment

We pay every day when the minimum threshold of 0.001 BTC is reached.

Round-the-clock support

Friendly and professional support will not leave you in trouble 24/7.

Own coin

It is charged for mining. Always increases in price.




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Own coin of the pool, which always increases in price!

We have developed a coin with a unique algorithm. Any action with a coin leads to an increase in its rate. Currently, the coin is credited as a bonus for mining, it can be freely converted to bitcoin and withdrawn to your address.

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